We offer the following Training, Testing and Certifications:


(Refrigeration Service Engineers Society)

  • Active Specialized Member (SM)
  • Certificate Membership (CM)
  • Certificate Member Specialist (CMS)
  • The Following are CMS Certifications:
  • Commercial Air Conditioning
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Controls
  • Domestic Service
  • Dynamic Compression
  • Heating
  • Heat Pump

  • EPA Section 608 Certification
  • R-410A Certification


(North American Technician Excellence)

  • Air Conditioning (AC)
  • Air Distribution (AD)
  • Heat Pumps (Air-to-Air) (HP)
  • Gas Heating (GS)
  • Oil Heating (OL)
  • Hydronics Gas (HG) (service only)
  • Hydronics Oil (HO) (service only) 
  • Light Commercial Refrigeration (LC) (service only) 
  • Commercial Refrigeration (RC) (service only)
  • Ground Source Heat Pump Loop Installer
  • HVAC Efficiency Analyst (Senior Level) (EA)
  • HVAC Performance Verifier


What We Offer


Central Arizona RSES has been in Arizona for over 75 years and we've been lucky enough to learn a thing or two over those years. We've even worked hard to  make sure that we share the most up-to-date information about the HVACR Industry. Keeping you educated is our goal! 

John Curth, CM

Tom Pieniazak, CMS